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Penny Snow

We will give you undivided, quality care with a smile!

The Tremont Animal Clinic officially opened its doors in the historic Cleveland neighborhood of Tremont on February 3, 2014.  Our six doctor practice focuses on providing health and wellness services for dogs and cats (as well as educating their humans on proper care!).  We Pride ourselves on providing you and your animals with compassionate and comprehensive care.


We understand the stress of stepping into a chaotic walk-in clinic with your pet, and the anxiety that follows after waiting for an unknown amount of time to be seen. This why we take pride in being a small, appointment-based clinic, with private exams rooms. Not only does this mean a less chaotic lobby experience for you and your pet, but it also offers a much shorter waiting time! We will do our best to schedule appointments to fit your schedule and convenience, and we promise to try to make your veterinary experience as pleasant and time efficient as possible.

Please explore our website for more information on our staff, the services we provide, and our facility. We're a small, but highly qualified, clinic that sees everyone as part of the TAC family. We guarantee to give you and your pet the attention and care you need and deserve. Call to schedule an appointment to have your pets seen today!

For your safety, and the safety of all of our clients, we ask that all patients come to the clinic either in a carrier for cats or on a leash for dogs.

In order to continue offering exceptional care at a reasonable price we ask that payment is due at time of service.